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Birthdate:Oct 21
Location:United States of America
Orélondë, n.
1. Heart's Haven. Quenya, lit. 'harbor of the inner mind'
2. A homestead and sanctuary, currently based around a Batcave in the mid-Atlantic
3. The ecology, DIY and homesteading/householding journal of [personal profile] illuviel, imported from lj,
where it had resided since 2007, dusted off and hopefully continued

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bees, betta splendans, biodiesel, biodynamics, biofuels, birds, breeding, brewing, co-creation, compost, diy, dogs, ducks, ecology, ericulture, ethnobotany, findhorn, fish, gardening, grassroots movements, guinea pigs, helen and scott nearing, heliculture, herbs, homemade solutions, homesteading, hunting & gathering, knitting, mercedes benz, mother earth news, motorhomesteading, needlework, organic gardening, permaculture, petkeeping, poodles, post-petroleum age, poultry, rabbits, rain, recycling, reduce-reuse-recycle-restore, renewable energy, responsible technology, rv, self-sufficiency, sericulture, simple living, smallholding, soapmaking, solar power, spinning, sub/urban sustainability, sustainability, the self-sufficient gardener, vermicomposting, wild foods, wildcrafting
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