Oct. 9th, 2003

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[livejournal.com profile] caomhanach and I were late for the dog cart class, so took in a blacksmithing demo instead. I also spoke with an old friend about a medical condition she has and I might, receiving many handy hints for dealing with the medical profession (including an office to avoid -- one I'm currently dealing with, confirming my negative opinion of it).

We then came home, rendezvous-ed with the rest of the fam at home([livejournal.com profile] magnir, [livejournal.com profile] stonn and Seren) and made our way to Lakeland. Stonn worked and the rest of us toodled around the area looking for the house I previously mentioned. It's either in a very scary place behind a Pentacostal church, somewhere where we have to drive through heavily "No Tresspassing" posted property to find it (no visible mailbox with the right address), in the middle of a v. rural place near a county research ranch, or somewhere completely different we haven't yet found.

The search continues.

We've been using this site as our 'realtor' thus far; it's time for us to register with the VA (Stonn's a Gulf War vet) and find out how much we can be loanèd to buy property. (I will be inheriting 1/4 of my mom's estate, but have no clue how much that will net, and I'd like to have a home lined up before this one is sold.)

On the here homefront: I found my mailbox thrown into the trees on our property, sans door -- apparently someone thinks its fun to demolish mailboxes.

Folks considering going 'back to the land' need to realize that it's not a completely idyllic situation. Rural land comes with rednecks, especially in Dixie. Grr. Argh.

Garden Notes:
I've found the seed stash and have started planting containers with edible flowers, herbs and vegetables. I would put in a garden plot, but not knowing how long we'll be here has put a damper on my enthusiasm to completely edibly-landscape our acre as I'd like to do with my more-permanent home.

We purchased more vegetable seeds, some potted herbs (lemon grass, oregano, peppermint), a pot of okra seedlings (there weren't any seeds at the store) and a bulb of organic garlic (for separating into cloves and planting).

I was pricing citrus trees yesterday at the Home Despot (from whence came the seeds and potted herbs) and found dwarf pomegranates, I didn't purchase any, but am now including them in the landscape plan in my head. They'd make good shrubs for a hedge or specimens -- and both Stonn and I like pomegranates.

I've planted nasturtiums, garlic chives and a yellow onion (mostly for seed, somewhat for onion greens).

Today, I'm soaking peat pots in little leftover Martha Stewart branded seed starting containers and am topping off the soil in some other planters and will line the south-facing, mini-blindèd shelves at the end of the kitchen with as many pots as I can. The herbs I put there yesterday haven't yet freaked from too much or too little sun, so we'll try them there.

Homer ate the cherry tomato plant I had on the front porch, so I figure everything will be safer if planted indoors.

Wildcrafting notes:
Acorns are ripening and I'd like to experiment with making meal from them.

I tried making candle wax from the wax myrtle tree outside my bedroom window. Following standard bayberry instructions, I was less than successful. The leavings smelled good, but no wax was extracted.

Goldenrod's blooming.

There's a lot of Florida rosemary on this property. I'd like to learn what can be done with it besides tromp on it and comment how good the lawn smells. It does okay in potpourri, but not as incense/smudge. It's not listed as being edible. The site cited states it grows best in dry areas, though this location is so swampy it grows moss and sedges instead of lawn.

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