Oct. 3rd, 2003

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As I type, I am roasting a turkey in a dutch oven on the top of my stove. Yay, me! There's barely a trace of increased heat in the kitchen, which is keeping the a/c from kicking in overtime to make up for using the oven.

I'm in search of more recipes for the handy item, as I hear one can bake in it, stovetop, which seems like a Handy Thing.

Ferrous metals are (only, in my opiniated opinion) for cast iron cookware or high-carbon steel knives. In both cases, the older and more heirloomy they are, the better I like them. My Dutch oven is less than ten years old (I bought it new), so I haven't really done as much with it as I should ... it still isn't properly seasoned. The other new piece I have is a griddle / grill pan that is more of a pain to clean than I think is worth, from time to time so seldom use except as a heat sink in the oven. (Note to self: check oven up-the-street to see if it's still in there; don't leave it there if it is.)

My (great) Gramma Retzke's frying pan, however, is a dream to work with. Though it's been sitting in a box in a sweltering garage for several years and may have been in a box in an unheated attic or basement for much longer before then, it hasn't needed reseasoning or fussing-over, just a careful wash to get rid of the dust. [livejournal.com profile] stonn's even been washing it like the stainless pans (when I forget to wipe it out after use and return it to the cabinet or a "don't touch me, I'm working"- looking place on the stove without mucking up the season.

I also like that we can take the stuff (car, not backpack) camping and cook over the campfire with it, or in the Dutch oven's case, in a hole in the ground. A happy camper I am indeed.

Very happy I didn't spend loads-of-bucks on a clay roaster when folks were selling overpriced home party cooking gear, especially since I've been dropping and breaking crockery lately. :P

I think my PennaDutch ancestresses (so called even though they're mostly from Sandusky, which is in Ohio) would be satisfied. And then wonder why I was so puffed-up proudly happy about a pot, quite possibly.

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