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I had a feeling that if I shopped for new seeds that I would find the box I've already got full of them and that when I did, I would probably find that I already had most of if not all of the varieties I purchased. I purchased some more seeds at Target this afternoon (Lowe's doesn't carry organic seeds)and the answer is "Yes" on both counts.

Luckily, I have a receipt so I can return the bulk of today's purchase. The stevia seeds, however, will be staying. I've been wanting to grow it for years, and am looking forward to trying it from seed. (If it doesn't do well, I can always swipe a cutting from the civic garden).

I find that I get really in the garden mood this time of year, then realize that I've already missed a main garden season. Apparently, I'm stuck on temperate time for some things. It's already too late to plant most cool weather crops (well, yeah... it was a 'nippy' 75 this afternoon)and I should start working on warmer weather plants.

I still haven't found a good way to catalog seeds -- do I use a database? a spreadsheet? A simple list? (Simple list won't have room for notes.)

Also arriving at Ye Aulde Homesteadlet today: a pound of Eisenia foetida -- Red Wigglers -- arrived in the post from Acme Worm Farm for the Worm Bin v. 3.0 (v. 5.0 if one counts the previous worm bins at other homes)[livejournal.com profile] stonn built for me from three plastic storage bins.

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