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... or at least organizeable, and feeling rather clever and resourceful in the tracking-down of resources.

I've looked into FLYlady, the cleaning and organizing information put out by Marla Cilley. I perused the website and checked her book, Sink Reflections, out of the library. (NB: Her book, caveat emptor lector, is very much steeped in evangelical Christian language as well as containing the same patronizing tone as the website and email reminders.) I also signed up for her voluminous, repetitive mailing list.

Resenting being treated like a recalcitrant, retarded toddler, I changed my subscription to 'no mail' and read the group's calendar to keep up with general gist of the plan. I also log onto the main website for the daily 'missions' to see if there's something I can incorporate into my day.

Based on the suggestions of someone on lj (I don't remember if it was someone responding to one of [livejournal.com profile] bellacrow's posts, or someone on one of the FLYLady communities. I am beginning an experiment with email filters, now that I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird instead of webmail (after refusing to deal with Microsoft Outlook[Express] any longer) -- dumping all email from that site that has the word "Reminder" in the subject line directly into the trash and the rest into a separate list folder; that might keep things both consolidated and down to a dull roar.

I find this a much less grating way to receive the information, preferring small bites of needful information to a constant barrage of email that doesn't fit my schedule at all.

FLYLady learned her organizing and cleaning techniques from Pam & Peggy (aka the Slob Sisters)at SHEs in Touch . Those ladies were also the inspirers of Cynthia Townley Ewer of SHE's Organized and organizedhome.com

Once upon a time, Cynthia set up an email loop with 21 essays detailing a way to begin on Pam & Peggy's "Sidetracked Home Executive" cardfile organization system. Eventually these made their way to ye olde web, where they resided up until a few days ago when Cynthia took them down after Pam & Peggy asked her to. She's reorganizing her site and I had thought they were unavailable due to the inevitable shuffling of content that happens in such cases, but no such luck.

I'd skimmed over the essays before and was interested in following the steps outlined within them, or at least giving the material a more thorough read as they suit my sensibilities a lot more than the FLYLady material.

Are Cynthia's essays lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry Clementine? Update: Yes. They are no longer available via Google cache.

Another look at the 3x5" card tickler file organization system, can be found here and here (with suggestions to use old business cards for extra thriftiness + portability).
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