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The two containers of worms, one labelled "red worms", the other "wigglers" held approximately fifty wiggly creatures each. (They're a little hard to count; they keep moving, dodging behind each other.) The latter look like the ones I'm used to working with, but I wanted to get some of each for comparison / contrast.

As they're not enough to colonize an entire box, but I wanted to get started, I put each variety of worms in its own small, temporary habitat thusly:

I cut milk cartons down from the handle to the breast and across the front, removing the original screw top opening, yet leaving a handle for ease of, well, handling.

Old drafts of Seren's book reports and used paper napkins were shredded, put in each modified jug, and dampened by spraying them with water.

The worms were separated as much as possible from their castings (yielding approximately a cup of castings which I'll be feeding to a plant; I haven't yet decided on the lucky recipient) in the new bedding, then fed with a five-finger pinch of torn cabbage leaf and noodles to get them started.

They're currently living under the sink where it's sheltered, relatively quiet and dark. I'll check on them daily to see how they're doing in their new digs, feeding them small amounts of kitchen waste, ensuring their bedding is damp enough (but not too damp) and otherwise making sure they're as happy as domesticated earthworms can be.

No, I haven't named them.


I keep playing with the idea of consolidating all of my journals ([livejournal.com profile] illuviel, [livejournal.com profile] orelonde & [livejournal.com profile] the_greening ... and then I don't. I have different paper journals in which to explore different topics, and having these separate strands may be the best way to keep things somewhat organized. Dunno. I should crosspost things of relevance between them, or at least post links to relevant entries when they occur.
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