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Last night, instead of sleeping, I burned two grocery sacks full of old papers and a few gallon jars of worn out herbs to facilitate the upcoming move.

I now have 10 empty, glass, gallon, round pickle jars (and a few more boughten square ones) and still have stashes of meadowsweet, frankincense, peppermint and lavender.

I also noticed that there are quite a few things happening with the plants in the yard.

Currently blooming:

* Vaccinium sp. (blueberry)
* some sort of ericacea I cannot place (looks like tall uva ursi ... is it actually a type of blueberry? I'm still looking -- it has dark pink/red flowers and is about four and a half to five feet tall, both features throw me off, especially with the fleshier leaves. It looks like a fuschia/red flowered blueberry tree.)
* Florida rosemary
* Hypericum sp. (St. John's Wort)
* sheep sorrel (which I've been picking, sporadically, for salads, but mostly just munching while wandering outside)

And the dwarf pomegranates [livejournal.com profile] stonn gave me for my birthday, that I thought Homer and neglect had killed are both putting forth with new growth.

Hope springs eternal.

I hope this bodes well for my wierd 'out with the old/make room for the new' blot-of-sorts. I feel good for following what I felt, even if it means I've been up for over thirty hours straight.

Funny thing is, I don't feel any more tired than I have on days when I've slept over twelve hours out of twenty four; hopefully I'm recalibrating a bit. I'd like to get back six or so hours of sleep a night being quite enough.

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